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Wheel Inn in Scone

Scone Park near Wheel Inn

Wheel Inn in Scone / one year ago

I have many memories connected with this place. My wife (then) brought me to Wheel Inn to mark the anniversary of our wedding and we really had a very good time (2009). I am grateful to her for it. Last time I was here without her exactly one year ago. On 20/12/2015 before Christmas. It was a Sunday evening and there were only a few customers. The atmosphere in Wheel Inn is calm and pleasant. I'd like to sit here with pint of beer, but could not because I missed my wife (ex) and had painful memories etc. So I had to leave. Anyway nearby is a small park with a pond for ducks. The bar is located on the outskirts of Scone. The prices do not differ much from other places. Although I'm not sure in it. Also there is a good car parking area. Overall - Good!

С этим местом у меня связано много воспоминаний. Моя жена (тогда еще) привела меня в Wheel Inn отметить годовщину нашей свадьбы и мы очень хорошо провели здесь время (это было в 2009). Я ей очень благодарен за все. Последний раз я был здесь без нее (один) ровно год назад. Это было в Воскресенье 20/12/2015 вечером. Атмосфера в Wheel Inn очень спокойная и приятная. Я хотел посидеть здесь с пинтой пива, но не смог, воспоминания накатили. Недалеко есть небольшой парк с прудом для уток. Бар расположен на окраине Scone. Цены ничем не отличаются от цен в других местах. Хотя я в этом не уверен. Общая оценка - хорошо!

11 Dec 2016

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