Erotic massage | Tantric massage | Nuru massage | Obsessiontantra CBD Sydney

Erotic massage | Tantric massage | Nuru massage | Obsessiontantra CBD Sydney Australia

Erotic massage Sydney | Tantra massage | Nuru massage | CBD Sydney Australia

We all know about the benefits of massage but few people use erotic massage in their lives, as this relates more to the culture of the East. In ancient times, we knew that the impact on certain points of the body is not only useful but also pleasant. In China, using the technique of acupressure, an erection of a man was controlled in order to prolong sexual intercourse. India is famous for its art of touching with the use of exciting oils. Today erotic massage is an element of foreplay, helping to establish emotional contact between partners and giving unimaginable sensations.

The girl-masseuse makes it with her naked body. The first half an hour the guest receives a general massage to relax with the soul and body. At the same time the girl is dressed in a light translucent dressing gown, under which only panties. However, at the request of the visitor the girl can bare completely at the beginning of the session. There are no restrictions, if only the man was satisfied. If the client does not express such a desire, then after half an hour of classical massage the girl undresses, and the fun begins. The masseuse excites the visitor by touching him with naked buttocks, chest, belly and even the most piquant part of the body. If this is necessary, it helps the man to get excited by the hands. In addition, every masseuse has its own little secrets: some use a soft brush, others put on fluffy volanchiki on their wrists, and girls with long hair use them for exciting touches. All this is accompanied by exhilarating motions. It is simply impossible to resist. In fact, during the body to body massage session, the client receives both a massage and an erotic show.